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Garden Water Features

We can Design, Specify and Install Garden Water Features

Often high up there on our customers wish list is a beautiful garden water feature, be it a sleek, crisp contemporary unit or a more traditional pool; the beauty of a garden water feature is that it brings a landscape design to life by adding sound and texture. The design of a water feature can be any size or shape and made from a whole range of exciting materials such as stainless steel, glass, slate and stone. It is often typical for our customers to also want to
incorporate lighting within such a feature to bring a dynamic interest to a twilight evening. Rock Waterfall Water Feature Design Water Blade Water Feature Design

Types of Garden Water Features

Water features from us are available as bespoke units designed and created by our craftsmen or off the shelf products via our preferred suppliers. You may, for example, wish to encourage wildlife into your garden via a specifically designed nature pond or run a more standard rill around a particular favourite sculpture or area of the garden. Your designer will be able to take you through a vast selection of garden water features we have designed and installed in other clients' schemes for inspiration and advise on the best type and style suited to you and your garden. Have you thought about including:
  • A garden water fall feature
  • Contemporary garden water rill
  • Garden nature pond or natural pool
  • Traditional garden water spouting sculpture
  • Stone water bubbling monolith
  • Ornamental bird bath

Garden Water Feature Design Considerations

The sound of water in the garden is a wonderful engaging aspect; it adds another dimension to the experience of a space. However it is really important to look past the simple aesthetics of a feature, the key to success is in the planning; site and situation. Aspects which our design team can help you work through. Initially look to who will be using the garden space, does the water feature need to be designed to be child-friendly? If this is the case go for a system which recirculates with no access to open water, if this is not entirely possible you could use metal mesh/grid to protect the feature to make it safer.  Is the feature to be sited in a sunny windy position? This type of micro climate can make it very difficult to maintain a reliable water level, if possible locate the water feature in a more sheltered position within the design. Can you get water and electricity to the feature? This can be easily overlooked, the vast majority require both these aspects to function correctly, if you are unsure about how to achieve this consult a qualified tradesperson. Openview Landscape Design Ltd, of course, work with highly skilled and appropriately qualified tradespersons on a daily basis and are happy to help with any queries.

Traditional and Contemporary Water Feature Design

We can provide garden water features to suite many budgets, sites and situations. We are fortunate enough to have good relationships with local craftsman throughout Kent, Sussex and Surrey for example who are able to design and build bespoke units for that little bit of exclusivity! Take a look here at our water features gallery for some more inspiration.

Customer Testimonials

We actually went down to Rye this morning ahead of the builders starting on Monday (in the house), we were very pleased to see the results of your, and your team’s hard work. Well done to all concerned!…Once again, many thanks, the end result is a credit to Openview Landscapes

Mr and Mrs Osman (Rye Garden)

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