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Garden Spaces for Children

We can Design, Specify and Install Gardens for Children

Most of the Openview Landscape Design team have children of their own; we know what makes them tick! Using that (sometimes exhausting!) knowledge, it’s almost second nature for us to design in that child-friendly safe haven with places to play, hide and learn. You may also want to nurture their own love for nature and provide a small patch of garden as their own; a place to grow vegetables for example? Encourage your little ones outdoors by creating children-friendly areas for them to explore but be aware that it doesn't have to be as bland as sticking a sand pit in a corner, there is a whole range of facilities and opportunities you can provide!

Play House in Child-Friendly Garden

Child-Friendly Garden Design Considerations

During your
design consultation your garden designer will talk in detail about your family requirements. It’s hugely important to make sure that your children’s needs are catered for but more so that they are safe when doing so! Child-friendly garden elements such as play equipment, surface materials, plant selection and level changes can all be important design considerations for a family orientated space – as can those adult areas to make sure your garden has design longevity when the children grow up! Have you thought about including the following in your child-friendly garden?:
  • Children's vegetable area
  • Children's nature walk or nature pond
  • Timber play house or dens
  • Story telling area or secret reading corner
  • Bug house or bird boxes with internal cameras
  • Bespoke children's climbing equipment
A great way to help break up the space in your garden to create some of the areas listed above for the kids is with planting but its dangers are often over-looked in a new design. There a few simple "dos and don'ts" when it comes to plant selection and placement, for example, avoid plants which can be irritants or even poisonousness such as Yew, Foxglove, Daphne and Laburnum. Spiky plants are an obvious danger to children but make sure you keep the weeds under control as Nettles and Thistles can give a painful surprise to busy hands! Great plants for child-friendly gardens include Sweet Pea, Lambs ear, Lavender and Cosmos which provide a wonderful myriad of textures and colours for the children to enjoy.

Child-Friendly Garden Design

It is quite common for our customers to want to integrate garden spaces for their children seamlessly into a design so as not to look like a playground. This is often helped by utilising other garden features which we can install throughout Kent, Sussex and Surrey; take a look at the "More Information" menu for further inspiration.

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I love the planting it looks GREAT, in fact the whole garden is coming to life and looks so good, thanks to you. I am thinking of saving up to get the back done next year by Openview now!

Mrs Head (Tenterden Garden II)

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