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Garden Irrigation Systems

Garden Irrigation Popularity is Growing

This aspect of garden design is becoming ever more popular with our clients; approximately 90% of all our gardens are now installed with varying levels of irrigation. Not only does it ensure the outside space you are spending your hard earned money on thrives if you lead a busy lifestyle, but it’s also potentially much more environmentally friendly.

Garden Irrigation Saves Water

Garden Irrigation can Save you Time and Money

Using a garden irrigation system to water your plot is easy and efficient and helps keep it looking its best all year round. A correctly installed system, suggested by our garden designers and installers, ensures you’re only using the minimum amount of water needed as it’s targeted directly at the plants roots, as opposed to liberally soaking with a traditional hose! This potentially reduces your water bills and the usage on reserves. We can specify, supply and install entry level drip line systems with a battery controller on an existing mains tape to sophisticated garden irrigation systems using large underground tanks fed by bore holes with independent rain and soil moisture sensors, all controlled by external computers. All the garden irrigation systems we suggest for your scheme are specific to the needs of any planting we may have proposed or that you have, constraints in terms of budget and available water supply as well as any existing watering system you may already have installed.

Garden Irrigation Design and Install Service

If the water supply is low in pressure or difficult to access for the needs of the garden, have you thought about a bore hole? These are also becoming more popular with our customers; it involves digging down to meet the water table then installing the correct gear required to pump water back up to ground level. Although typically installed in larger estates as a means of supplying bigger systems we are also now seeing a trend for smaller installations as a means of becoming ever more self-sufficient and avoiding using a mains supply. Services we can provide include:
  • Garden irrigation design from entry level to professional set-ups 
  • Garden irrigation specification, supply and install
  • Technical system drawings for installers
  • Contractors for bore hole locating and installation
  • Upgrades from existing inadequate systems
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