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Garden Lighting Schemes

We can Design, Specify and Install Garden Lighting Schemes

You’re investing in a
new garden, it makes sense to make the most of it! We have found that more of our customers are looking for garden lighting schemes to be effortlessly incorporated in to their garden design as a means of enjoying it throughout the evening for entertaining or just for relaxing with a glass or two! Manufacturers are wise to this and now produce a fantastic range of styles and sizes of garden lighting which are solely for this use. We always look forward to the latest catalogues coming through!

Contemporary Garden Lighting

Garden Lighting Types and Applications

A well conceived garden design lighting scheme can have the ability to completely change the mood and feel of a space come dusk. Don't feel your limited to units you may see in high street stores which often give out a garish white light too powerful to be anything but practical. We often use a myriad of types and styles of garden lighting units from specialists to produce both soft, dramatic or even theatrical tones and effects for our clients, these can include Halogen, LED, Metal Halide and even compact florescent varieties. Good garden lighting design is about having controlled use of the lighting and not just shining up the entire sky! Have a look at the examples below for "right light, right place":
  • A large focal garden tree -  Metal halide unit with 36° beam to penetrate up through the branch structure
  • Shrub border - 50w Halogen spike light, be mindful of colour, a soft green can be surprisingly effective
  • Pathways around the garden - 12v LED recessed light with a white beam for a soft clarity
  • Water feature - RGB LED units to provide options for colourful shimmering water
  • Interesting garden building -  Halogen light specially designed to have an adjustable beam for 'tweaking'

Bespoke Garden Lighting Schemes

As part of the landscape design service we provide throughout Kent, Sussex and Surrey, or as a bespoke one-off service, a lighting plan can be drawn up to detail specific units and outputs tailored to suite the mood you’re after. This could be soft yellow colours highlighting a secluded twilight seating spot or fiery reds and crisp whites emphasising an entertainment area such as a large central terrace. Often our schemes are coupled with a wi-fi unit to allow control of various circuits with a touch of a button or even from your smart phone; all of our installers are fully versed in the latest technologies. Lighting plans will include conduit and cable runs plus any infrastructure requirements, such as wi-fi control box specification, to ensure you know exactly what you need to achieve the desired result. Alongside this, all schemes are certificated under Part P British Electrical Standards for peace of mind.

Structures with Garden Lighting

Garden Lighting in Borders

The garden designers here can help specify a range of lighting schemes to fit your budget; they are often incorporated into other garden elements like water features or a focal pergola for example. Take a look at some of our other popular garden features we can install in the "More Information" menu.

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I am incredibly happy with the end result. The builders worked extremely hard on this sensitive site, the garden is beautiful.

Mr & Mrs Sheardown (Canterbury Garden)

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