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Deciding on Your New Garden: Requirements, Style & Budget

What do you want from your garden?

This page and the additional content provided in the 'More Information' menu are to help you along on the exciting process of getting a newly designed garden! We understand that it can be quite daunting looking at potentially spending some hard earned money on an unknown quantity, you may have several initial questions such as "What do I actually want?", "How much will it cost me?", "Does it take long to build?". It is quite normal for us to chat with new clients who may want to learn more about the industry process and the expected outcomes before committing to a new garden. We are here to
help. It is really important to understand what you really need in your garden and what you may really want. Us, as the garden design team, appreciate that for the vast majority of customers a garden has to fulfill a whole variety of needs, as well as tick a few of those aspirations boxes! This may include a haven of peace, relaxation and contemplation whilst for others, a place for entertainment, outdoor dining and just sheer fun maybe up on that list. It’s therefore with a balance of these aims in mind that our friendly landscape design teams from Kent, Sussex and Surrey will work with you to help realise your base ideas, and higher aspirations, formulating them into a long-lasting beautiful and practical garden design. Garden Budgets are Important

Your Garden - Style is Everything

We realise that although you may wish to have a fresh look injected into your current garden you may not always know what that look should be! Through our combined landscape design experience we have created many gardens throughout Kent, Sussex and Surrey. We always suggest that a good place to start is to have a look at your surroundings; what type/style of house do you have? Are you in rural countryside or on the outskirts of a busy urban city? Are you in an exposed location or sheltered away in a darker area? The answers may help you, with advice from our garden designers, decide on whether your looking for something contemporary with crisp lines to go with an angular new build or a more traditional style, for example, suited to a village cottage in the hills. There are of course numerous combinations, take a look at our portfolio for some inspiration. Contemporary Garden Design Traditional Garden Design

Your Garden - Deciding the Budget

For us to help you get to that end goal as quickly and as efficiently as possible it is always better to understand what the customer is working with in terms of budget. Something beautiful and remarkable can be achieved within any price range but if you say to a creative passionate landscape architect design anything you want for my space, hoping that they will fall within your price range is unlikely! – it’s far better for us to work together to get you what you want for what you want to pay. Having your garden professionally landscaped by a garden designer will enhance the value and desirability of your property and on average the budget for the whole project may be between 5 & 10% of its current value. This is generally a good place to start. You may use an interior designer to look after the inside of your house, we do the same for the outside. When chatting to one of garden designers it is likely that they will enquire about available budget for the above reasons, you may find it useful prior to an initial meeting to jot down a list of what you need in your garden and what you aspire to have.

Your Garden - Additional Garden Features

You may have established the ‘basics’ for what you are after in your own garden, have you thought about those luxury extras that you may have seen at one of the shows? We have noticed that over recent years with the success of events such the “RHS Chelsea Flower Show” and the “RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show” the garden has seen the design boundaries pushed back further than any other “room” in the house helped along by popularity of professionals such as “Diarmuid Gavin” and “Chris Beardshaw”. People now embrace the fusion of complex structures, woods and metals, colour, modern aggregates, innovative water features and exotic plantings as a whole. Garden design has become more fresh and invigorating than ever before, and as designers, we love it! As part of the gardens we design and construct we often install features which can be accommodated in most budgets; this can be anything from elaborate lighting schemes to simple wildlife areas for the kids to explore and learn in. Take a look at some of the most popular garden elements we install as part of our designs in our 'More Information' menu for some inspiration. Garden Fire Pit and Fireplace Examples Pergola Garden Structure

Your Garden - Getting it Built

Deciding on what you would like in your garden and the budget you have to create it is the starting point, what about getting it built? – Click here to find out how we can help you.

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I am incredibly happy with the end result. The builders worked extremely hard on this sensitive site, the garden is beautiful.

Mr & Mrs Sheardown (Canterbury Garden)

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