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Garden Planning Permission - How it Effects Your Garden Design

Garden design and garden planning permissions can go hand in hand. Before starting any landscaping work or carrying out major changes to an existing garden, it is important to check that there aren't any garden planning restrictions. For example, trees might be protected by a Tree Preservation Order, you might live in a conservation area or in the grounds of a listed building, you may even have protected wildlife in the vicinity such as Great Crested Newts (see below). There are many aspects that may affect your property and what you are able to do as part of any new garden design; we have trained landscape architects working throughout Kent, Surrey and Sussex who are able to negotiate any issues for you.

Garden Planning in Garden Design

Garden Planning Permission - What Needs Approval?

Customers are often unaware that a simple pergola within their scheme may require garden planning permission. Specific rules exist governing outbuildings which can apply to sheds, greenhouses and garages as well as other ancillary garden buildings such as swimming pools, ponds, sauna cabins, kennels and enclosures (including tennis courts). Any permanent structure which is incidental to the enjoyment of the property can fall within the garden planning permission regulations. However many types of structure can be built in your garden or on the land around your house without the need to apply for planning permission given the right circumstances, our trained staff can guide you through any limitations which may apply specifically to you.

From experience, we know that our clients want to create additional quality space quickly and with the minimum hassle. All of our garden designs are created to work within the framework of garden planning law and avoid unnecessary ‘red tape’. However if planning permission is needed, Openview can take you through the process as smoothly and efficiently as possible. Services we can provide throughout Kent, Sussex and Surrey include:

Garden Planning Issues Resolved

Garden Planning Permission - The Importance of Ecology

The presence of valuable wildlife as well as the associated habitat are common place amongst our customers gardens, knowing how to research and deal with any ecology found is extremely important. One of the most common reasons for a council’s refusal on a planning application is insufficient information on known wildlife hot-spots and any ecological impact upon them from a given development. If you have a breeding site for Great Crested Newts nearby for example this could dramatically affect what you can and can’t do but more specifically when you can or can’t do it! To knowingly harm or destroy any of these newts brings heavy penalties so it’s important to understand the processes involved when tackling any garden design project for example. It is therefore equally as important to understand how to design for ecology; how to mitigate, protect and encourage local wildlife species. We often get asked to design-in habitats to support local populations of badgers for example, or wildlife ponds designed to encourage invertebrates and smaller amphibians to nest and breed. We are able to suggest ecology areas for your scheme tailored to the specific microclimate and needs of what you wish to attract or the development you need to mitigate against.

Garden Planning Permission - Our Ecology Services

The team here, working alongside our professional ecologists, understand and know the importance of thoroughly surveying an area before starting any landscape development, this could be vital in avoiding unnecessary delays for your project. In many cases, we’d be able to advise following our first visit whether or not an ecological survey would be necessary for your garden design, you may already know yourself that ecological work for your own project is required through informal planning advise or a pre application meeting with councilors. Through our close work with local ecologists we are able to offer services which may be applicable to your scheme or planning application, these include:
  • Phase 1 ecology surveys to assess presence/absence of species.
  • Preparation of target maps for development planning.
  • Great crested newt survey and assessment.
  • Reptile survey and assessment.
  • General ecological biodiversity surveys and site assessments.
  • Mitigation recommendations and implementation.
  • Species monitoring such as Badger sett cameras.
  • Conservation and management advice.
Garden Planning Ecology Survey

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